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Instagram Business Promotion Strategy

Instagram Business Promotion Strategy

Let’s assume that something big happened in the 2018 presidential election. Then it is likely that Roskomnadzor could intervene in the situation and block Facebook and Instagram. And if your business is completely tied to Instagram, which is directly related to Facebook, then it (your business) would simply end on the day it was blocked. The situation is akin to having your own store in a shopping center, which was destroyed by fire (God forbid, of course!) …

Therefore, for a strategy of planning your own business for a period of 3-5 years, it is very reasonable to get your own website. You can start with an ordinary business card site. I am totally against constructors, but you can try it at the initial stage. The big advantage of this approach is that the site owner has a copy of the site, which means that even physical destruction of the server will not require doing all the work again. The finished site can be easily restored within 4-5 hours on any other hosting. Moreover, interruptions in your business will not exceed one day! But if the business is completely tied to some popular social network, in this case Instagram, you need to buy Instagram followers to grow your business quickly.

1. Interest: Users only see content that create interest

Interests are tracked by hashtags the user is following. And also for those photos and videos that he likes (he likes). Possessing a huge database and being a fairly intelligent service, Instagram is likely to be able to guess your preferences. In addition, Instagram has its own “interest” to keep the user in the feed as long as possible. The longer the user does not leave the feed, the more advertising information he will see. Ultimately, this greatly affects the income of Instagram itself.

2. Novelty: The newer the content, the higher its priority.

Moreover, the information becomes outdated in 1-2 days. Photos uploaded yesterday can only be found in a specific user’s feed. However, getting to the feed of a certain user is not done in one click. Therefore, you should not count on increasing the user audience through outdated content: the probability of this is almost zero.

3. Interaction : The more often account owners exchange actions (likes, comments, and correspondence), the sooner a connection is formed between them.

Suppose you “liked” the subscriber’s photo and he did the same to you. This is the first step towards creating a mutual connection between you on Instagram. A stronger mechanism is to comment on a photo and respond to a comment from the subscriber. Then the algorithms of the Instagram network form the closest connection between your accounts. After that, you will begin to see more often the posts of the user with whom you have communicated in your feed, and vice versa.

With that said, any promotion on the Instagram network can be divided into 3 main stages:

1. Technical.

2. Media.

3. Targeted.

Let’s talk about each item in more detail:

1. Technical promotion: Technical promotion primarily means working with hashtags.

The timing of the content is important. And here there is an important nuance – the publication of new content should coincide in time with the presence of the maximum number of users from the target audience on the Instagram network. Therefore, there is no point in uploading new photos at 7 a.m. if 95% of your followers sleep before 10 a.m.

Another tool for technical promotion is interaction with subscribers. Actively give them likes, then they will start to give them to you more often. Reply to all messages! These measures are extremely effective in increasing the reach of the user audience. This used to be a primitive temporal ranking algorithm on Instagram, when new content was shown in the feeds of all users, without exception. Nowadays, the methods of prioritizing content have become a lot smarter and more interaction with users is required to reach the audience.

2. Media promotion

An engagement video can be done in just one minute and posted just like a photo. If the video is large, it can be divided into 4 or more parts and presented to the user in sequence. The minute limit for such a publication is not a big obstacle. It has been verified that a 5-minute “carousel” of various video clips is enough “for the eyes”. An important point – Instagram values video content more!

So-called live engagement stories work great. This is the narrative of a professional about the business he is doing. Post a photo of the results of your work, or the work of your employees. Yes, you won’t sell anything instantly, but you will gain the trust of your audience and increase its reach. Thus, you will generate potential customers from the target audience, who subsequently will definitely start making purchases.

3. Targeted advertising and paid promotion

I have a lot of materials on this topic on my site, so be sure to read them after reading this article. Let me tell you briefly. To work with targeted promotion, first create a user account on Facebook, then a business account. On the latter, make a publication and start advertising it. The minimum budget is 100 rubles. Then get a separate debit card and deposit the amount on it to pay for the advertising campaign. The ad must be moderated. It will take 2-3 days in time. When the advertisement works, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook business account after a while. Then, having understood the settings, you can launch ads for the linked account either on Facebook, or set up and launch targeted ads via Instagram.

You can get more detailed information at on promoting your business on Instagram.

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