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Top 5 Enticing Chatting Apps That Will Elevate Proclivity

Top 5 Enticing Chatting Apps That Will Elevate Proclivity

Since the time chatting apps got introduced, they have been wooing the hearts of many and now have become a necessary part of our world. It helps us to stay connected not only with our friends and family but there are apps that are frequently used at workplaces to consolidate work faster in an efficient manner. To connect at the office, create groups, personal chats, dating applications, web novels and what not. There is an app for every single scenario that one may think of and today, there are apps that help facilitate work even faster. Do you want to be a chef? There is an App! Are you willing to find fame as a singer? Viola! There is an App. Are you looking for your soul mate? Guess what, there is an app!

The Internet is a madhouse of millions of pictures and videos flooding in every second. The data available online is so vast that sometimes relatable content gets lost easily in this mess. To keep a video for later use or reference a lot of online video downloaders are available on the web but not all are reliable due to viruses and ads linked to them.

Also the internet provides us with many best apps apart from this. Like it provides us with the best android wallpaper apps in which just like unlimited videos we get unlimited wallpapers for ourselves. You can use them on your device and totally enjoy it.

Broadly speaking we can segregate Chatting Apps into three main categories:

One can use Chatting Applications in whichever way one likes as there is a facility to create groups and use it according to the need and purpose. But, as the world is advancing so is the means of communication. Today, as per the purpose there are different apps which not only help in prospering at the particular field but also encourage simple working and less confusion.

Work Apps:

Trello, Teem, Workfront, BlueJeans, QuickBase, Paymo, ProofHub, Upwork, and Freelancer are a few of the workplace apps that helps to stay connected in the office and find work, meet up with deadlines, earn extra money or use some of them as a lead management software as well to manage your clients every step of the way.

Workplace apps are gaining quite a momentum compared to the previous years and, one can see that the workflow is much more efficient in places where such applications come in handy. It helps the Business Managers to keep track of how much work has been implemented and accomplished by the staff and ensures meeting up with deadlines offering timely delivery to the clients. As there is complete information about the tasks given and approved, it ensures a good reputation, remunerative benefits and a long list of clientele which is the aim of every Business Owner.

Social Media Apps :

Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, IMO, Google Hangouts, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Hike Messenger, Twitter, Skype and Viber are a few of the examples of the famous social media apps that are frequently used by people all around the world. These applications not only help in connecting with friends and family but also today they help promote one’s business.

The initial motive of these apps was to connect with people (most importantly friends and family living afar) by creating a gateway to talk and message using the internet frequently. Slowly with the calling feature which made international calls not only easy but free! Some apps have the feature to call the person’s number which may or may not have the internet connectivity via the app and the cost is nominal from the person’s end who is dialing the number. Skype and WeChat platforms are most commonly in use where the calling rates are exceptionally cheap.

Dating Apps :

Apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, Grindr, and Match are trendy and lit dating applications. Such apps are for meeting up with a stranger and finding your soulmate. You can swipe left (dislike) for red or right (like) for green and keep traversing on the land of excitement and adventure by keeping your heart thumping every step of the way.

But, we are here to present you with the ordinary applications that are going to elevate your fondness and kill the boredom through Chat Apps for Mobile where you can meet, earn and gain experience from people living across the oceans. Connect, make groups, volunteer or express your heart in the ways you like!

Check out our list of Top 5 New, Different & Extolling Applications that will bubble up your spirits!

#1 HaikuJAM

With a new concept and idea in mind, HaikuJAM is on the number one position in our list. The app is promoting a simple idea to talk in poetic lines and ignite the poet inside you. It allows three-word conversations or more where people connect randomly connecting the dots from one line to another. It helps kill boredom and also channelizes ideas where one can give color to the unknown talent for poetry writing. People talk about how HaikuJAM helped in removing stress and depression out of their lives. By expressing their heart and mind they feel at ease and helps revitalize their body.

#2 Mirakee

Are you a writer or aspiring to be one? Mirakee is an app for you! You can write your heart out and see what people are talking about at the same time. It helps to create beautiful posts and a page where you can connect with other writers or people who like to read. It is a platform which is truly dedicated to writers out there! Find people like you and make connections that are interwoven through the magic of words.

#3 Kik

Chat with Whoever Whenever! With this tagline, Kik promotes talking to people from any part of the world where you can meet up, make friends, talk about business, express your heart, share your stories and do so much more. It is like any other chatting up but the only difference is that it is specially designed for teenagers (as mentioned on their about page). Though anyone can use the application but it is safe and secure keeping in mind the teenage group. Students connect from all around the world where they exchange assignments, talk about future prospects, careers, job opportunities and more.


It is a dating application which is also a guide where people share Love Letters. You can learn the tips and tricks of flirting, how to find love, look for your soul mate and express yourself through chats. With the tagline “Real Life Happens”, they are trying to promote the idea that LOVOO is not just an application but a gateway where you can find real love. It was first introduced in the year 2011 and is going strong with more than 50 million downloads so far!

#5 Badoo

An app which is not just for dating but also for finding friends as well! You can talk to people endlessly, find love, make new friends and the application is safe and secure to use. With a community of 421 million people so far, Badoo is the largest Online Chatting Platform. It allows users to chat, search people nearby and even video chat as and when one likes.

These five apps have helped people in so many ways. Find your app that suits your interest and get grooving. Make the best use of these apps and grow in different ways.

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