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Deciphering The Anomalies Of Cyber Security

Deciphering The Anomalies Of Cyber Security

The Internet has proved to be both a boon and a bane. The opportunities that it provides us with are unlimited where today the market has grown so much that people are earning online, promoting business and doing much more. The internet of things (internet connectivity with physical objects like mobile phones, laptops, gadgets etc.) has even added more to productivity in everyday life.

We have grown habitual to looking up online for services, shopping, information and connecting with people. The applications that include social media and e-commerce websites are now an essential part of our lives. In the education sector as well, people are signing up for online courses which are valid and recognized in universities around the world. The structure is changing in every field whether it is health care, medicine, education, banking, journalism, entertainment, global talks and discussion, a message from the Government etc. are only a few of the examples.

Impact on User Security!

As much as the Internet is advancing, the various platforms rising and new technologies kicking in, as much are the dangers arising concerning cyber security. Whether there are big companies, Governments, Universities or any such institution to keep records and maintain a speedy process, the traditional record keeping has been replaced with computer systems and applications to secure the information.

Wherever there is money involved or records that are of a sensitive nature, people are going to pry in order to get the benefit. Here is where there comes a threat to confidentiality, security and maintenance of user privacy. It is not new that when privacy has been leaked online, computers have been hacked, or social media platforms intentionally or unintentionally compromise user’s privacy. As privacy comes at stakes, it becomes highly concerning and a thing to worry about.

How do hackers work?

The internet that we are exposed to is the visual space which is just 4 per cent; the rest 96 per cent comes under the horizon of Dark Web. The Dark Web is inaccessible by search engines and is mostly useless as it contains the encrypted data. But, here is where hackers use it to pry in the privacy of people. Dark Web consists of every little file ever sent, received or in process. It is a web just like the spider which is so complex that it requires an intellect to comprehend and get the information out. Everything in the Dark Web is in chaos and to use it potentially is extremely difficult.

There are engineers, cyber-crime experts and hackers that take advantage of the Dark Web and use it to secure humanity. But, as they say, where there are pros, there are cons as well. Hackers are hired by companies to secure their data and prohibit phishing but then there are other hackers which are there to pry on the system of Government agencies and use it in dangerous ways possible. Not only Government agencies but also in the Banking Sector, which is always at high risks.

Understand Cyber Security and its Necessity:

As the term suggests, Cyber Security is a measure taken to protect the data on the internet and integrity of the various networks, programmers, connections and data from cyber attacks or damage of any kind. As we are living in the world where the Internet is an essential part of our lives, it becomes necessary to use the internet services securely so that there is no damage to one’s identity and personal information.

The loss of personal data which can have sensitive information can bring a significant social stigma because of which a mental outlook and an outside image of the person in society can considerably damage. Personal pictures, videos and other such content, if leaked can put a bad impression on the outside world in the rarest of times, that there can be which can make the person’s life considerably difficult.

Today, teens are exposed to social media where posting pictures or sharing information online has become hazardous. There are online predators that are finding a chance to pry into the privacy of the person and then blackmail to earn money. Such crimes are frequently seen and are on the increase.

User Perspective:

You post pictures, share videos or send random texts to people you may or may not know. It is very likely that your device can be hacked and all the information that is in the device will become accessible to the hacker. Your system can be locked and the information can be used in disgraceful ways. Ransomware and malware are the two types of common Cyber Security threats. This calls for antivirus software and applications that can keep your information and device protected.

Global Perspectives:

Cyber terrorism, Cyber warfare and Cyber-espionage are the three terms which are a major concern today, for every nation. It is seen that nations continuously try to hack into the codes of other countries, to get their hands on the secret data concerning security and other major issues and use it against the enemy nation which is known as cyber warfare and espionage. This is not new and has been happening for quite a long time.

If we talk of terrorism then, Cyber terrorism is affecting each and every country today where the terrorists create posts and showcase the horrendous activities that they are doing. Such posts circulate social media and affect the mindsets of people that can create a social upheaval and problems.

The above two are the main reasons why cyber security is necessary. Today, with the efforts of Cyber Engineers, it has become possible to secure the system with applications and software that will ensure that the hacker cannot pry into the system.

Need for Cyber Security in Web Development:

Websites that involve payment gateways like the e-commerce websites, banking websites where phishing can be a major concern are now run with antivirus servers that ensure end-to-end encryption where online banking will become safe and secure as the data will stay safe.

Today, every Business is stepping online and if your users are not happy and are facing security issues then the chances of the Business to stay online successfully is going to get bleak. People are aware of the hazards that cyber-criminals can pose and when banking or payment gateways are involved, nobody will take the risk.

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